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Coast to Coast Appreciation Lunch

In appreciation for 1•2•1 MSG’s excellent work, Coast to Coast president Bruce Hoster, bought the entire company delicious KFC lunch on Thursday, February 16th. We help Coast to Coast connect with RV owners to make their travel and vacation easier and more affordable. Here’s the text of Bruce’s letter of thanks to Al Nelson, Coast to Coast account manager:

Al, make sure you order plenty of food for everyone. I always prefer to have too much rather than not enough. Thank you and your entire team for all the great work you do for Coast to Coast. We have thrown a lot at your group these past several months with redesign and replacement of most of our kit materials, repacking kits to remove the old directory, and now repacking kits to insert the new directory. Through it all 1-2-1’s work on our behalf has been absolutely flawless as well as completed in record time. Please extend our thanks to every member of the 1-2-1 team! Enjoy the lunch as our way of showing our appreciation for all you do for Coast to Coast.

Bruce Hoster, President, Coast to Coast

Needless to say, the entire staff enjoyed the meal greatly. Many thanks to Bruce and his staff. It truly is a pleasure doing business with you! (Now pass the coleslaw.)

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