NSLS has hundreds of chapters at colleges and universities all over the United States. Each of these receives personalized honor society kits for it honorees at different times during the school year. Depending on level of achievement, honorees may receive any of 20 possible combinations of certificates, plaques, letter and t-shirts. 


Needless to say this fulfillment task is both highly complex and extremely time sensitive. After receipt of records from NSLS, we have only 3 days to ship finished kits to ensure arrival ahead of any given graduation ceremony. To meet this aggressive deadline, data must be processed within hours of receipt and in-house personalization of certificates finished within a half day. To speed the process and ensure accuracy of final kitting, our IT team created a customized coding system to guide our assemby team as they match plaques, certificates, letters, and t-shirt sizes for each student at each chapter university. Though shipments are usually made in blocks to NSLS chapter officials, but we are also flexible enough to create individual kits for last-minute additions.

  • 20 Kit Configurations

  • 5 Certificate Options

  • 6 T-Shirt Options

  • Optional Sticker Affix

  • 2 Customized Pieces Per Recipient


Certificates are personalized and affixed with achievement stamp before insertion in plaque. 5 certificate options are available.

Personalized letter of congratulations

T-shirt size is matched to recipient before bagging with NSLS decal and pin

Personalized certificate variation for
National Engaged Leader Award achievement