To grow, all membership programs need to identify and engage with potential subscribers as efficiently as possible. In today's fast-paced and sometimes confusing media environment, it is imperative that this initial  engagement is managed comprehensively and carefully.

And that's where we come in. We understand that every potential member has value. That's why, from account management to shipping, all our in-house processes are geared to maximize the chances that each prospect opts in.

For example, we handle the ongoing member acquisition campaign for a major recreational vehicle roadside assistance program. This communication reaches approximately 1 million potential members a year. The 9-piece member kit contains 3 items which we customize before matching and mailing. To date, the campaign's conversion rate is well above the average for similar offers.

Needless to say, our client is very happy with these results. And so are we, knowing the good news is partly due to our diligence. Our meticulous data grooming, in-house personalization, accurate kit assembly and mailing service assures their message reaches receptive prospects with a minimum of waste, maximum impact.

Direct, One-Stop Membership Program Support

At 1•2•1 MSG, we treat non-profit membership programs exactly like their for-profit cousins. We understand that, regardless of financial underpinning, the rules of the game are pretty much the same: In order for the enterprise to succeed, new members must be attracted and retained; budgets and timelines must be hit; and attention to detail is the difference between program growth and stagnation.

Our big advantage over most other membership program management firms is our hands-on approach. Instead of using a network of subcontractors as many of our competitors do, we keep as much work as possible in-house. This strategy allows us a number service benefits others can't match:

  • Direct Pricing   Our quotes are based on our own time-tested capabilities. There's no hidden second or third tier of vendors inflation. Our prices are fair and reliable.

  • Responsive Project Management   Our Account Executives and Customer Service Reps have direct access to every aspect of the projects they oversee, resulting in immediate feedback for our clients. Last minute changes? No problem.

  • Remarkable Quality Control   Again, because we touch our projects at every step of their creation, we are able to minimize errors and prevent costly reruns.

  • Flexible, Dependable Service   Direct control of production allows us to modify work flows to fit our customers' needs. Goals and deadlines are hit within budget.

The bottom line is that our lean and efficient operation provides an excellent value for every penny spent.


1•2•1 MSG has supported loyalty marketers with a variety of services for over 17 years. In that time we've managed some of the most successful membership programs ever created. Our largest clients have been in the for-profit hospitality and travel markets, but we've handled number of non-profit programs over the years as well. 

Our expertise is in developing customized solutions to our clients' challenges, creating smooth and efficient systems that enable their membership programs to thrive. Sometimes this means using procedures we've used for decades, but just as often it means engineering new solutions to fit the client's particular need. Experience has taught us that cheap, cookie-cutter solutions often return weak results, while too much complexity can lead to cost overruns without a corresponding climb in customer engagement. Accordingly, one of our chief corporate directives is to search for the most beneficial balance between efficiency and effectiveness. We strive to do this each and every day for each individual client.


A membership program's continued health is dependent on the quality of its contact with its members. To be motivated enough to renew, existing members must receive the program's message cleanly, must feel truly valued. Obviously, every aspect of communication with them has to be flawless. 

Here, again, our attention to detail is what sets us apart. Whether it's taking the time to rerun NCOA postal verification on existing mailing lists or double-checking file matching during envelope insertion, we pride ourselves on making sure existing members get timely and accurate messaging from the program.

A good example our level of care was a member re-qualification effort we staged for a major hotel chain in 2016. For this effort, the client had decided on an extremely personalized format which called for over 20 language versions resulting in more than 400 possible membership card carrier mailers. Working closely with them, we created a streamlined process for matching cards to carriers in very short print runs. In the end, their member retention was markedly  better than in 2015, so our extra effort and care was well worth it.


As noted above, we maintain in-house services capable of producing most membership program communications. The only resource for which we routinely go outside is 4-color printing. For this we use several houses with which we have long-standing relationships. Follow the links below for detailed information about any of our services, or, better yet, give us a call or contact us. We're always ready to discuss our favorite subject!


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