Information Technology

 Complexity is Our Cup of Tea


Our team of information technology specialists are skilled at working with mail lists, complex databases, custom programming, specialized reporting, and more. An added value for our clients is our ability to look beyond the numbers to find efficiencies and hidden solutions.


Our services include:

Expert IT Team at work

Data Processing

  • DATA ANALYSIS    Our analysis includes the inspection, clean-up, trans-formation, and modeling of data with the goal of determining its fitness for use. Data analysis is a crucial step in any variable data campaign.

  • SALES MATCHBACK ANALYSIS    Done post-promotion, sales matchbacks identify which customers have responded through which channels. Whether one time or ongoing, differentiation of respondents is essential to the evaluation of any promotion’s or program’s success.

  • REPORTING    Regardless of a project’s scope or size, we tailor our reporting to suit our client’s needs. This can range from simple calendar driven data dumps to sophisticated, real-time web interfaces complete with secure client access.

Database Services


  • DATABASE DESIGN & MANAGEMENT    For those starting from scratch or needing a major overhaul of an existing database, we provide comprehensive design, creation and/or management services at whatever level of complexity is desired. Whether in support of marketing or specialized processing/fulfillment objectives, our team can make it happen.

  • WEB DATABASES    We also offer design, programming and reporting configuration for web based databases.

List Procurement
If your house list is old or nonexistent, our team can help connect your project to a list that will generate healthy results for your project or program.


List Processing

  • LIST MASSAGING    Our experts routinely work their magic to keep our clients’ lists humming as efficiently as possible. Common massage steps include merging like fields, purging select data, eradicating duplicates and eliminating confusing or needless fields.

  • CASS    We use the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) to improve the accuracy of our clients’ lists by automatically correcting bad addresses and adding ZIP+4 coding where missing. Our participation in this system qualifies us for lower rates from the USPS – which we pass on to our clients.

  • POSTAL PRESORTS    When applicable, we presort mail by ZIP+4 to take advantage of the USPS’s discounted rates for our clients.

  • DELIVERY POINT VALIDATION    We employ this USPS validation process (DPV) to confirm the existence of a list’s addresses and whether or not they can be delivered to. If not, they are removed from the list, saving valuable postage.

  • NCOA    We subscribe to the National Change of Address (NCOALink) which keeps track of over 160 millon permanent address changes. Our use of NCOALink allows us to obtain bulk mail rates for our clients. 

We also offer:

  • Personalized Mass HTML Emails

  • Secure FTP Site Hosting