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Every Door Direct Mail: Affordable Targeted Marketing

The USPS created Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) in 2006 with small businesses in mind. It is ideal for any local business or organization that relies on sales and support from nearby neighborhoods. By greatly reducing the costs associated with sophisticated targeted direct mail, EDDM gives small businesses unprecedented access to qualified customers. It is great tool for increasing a business’s local presence and expanding its customer base.

POWERFUL TARGETED MARKETING TOOL  The EDDM system allows customers to filter their audience by age, income, or household size within any chosen zip code. It’s a great, way to expand marketing reach to pre-qualified prospects.

INEXPENSIVE DIRECT MAIL  EDDM customers also benefit from the system’s integration with the USPS mail stream. A variety of mailing formats including postcards, flyers and large format “flats” are possible at reduced postage rates.


The system’s only drawback is its reliance on customer legwork. It's true that anyone can launch an EDDM campaign, but customers short on time or unfamiliar with direct mail are likely to find the process labor-intensive and more than a little confusing.

The Solution? 1•2•1 MSG’s Full-Service EDDM Program

1•2•1 MSG’s turnkey EDDM program takes full advantage of our 17 years as a full-service fulfillment house. From printing through shipping, our in-house capabilities ensure that all EDDM campaigns we mail are accurate, high-quality and, most importantly, as effective as possible.

1•2•1 MSG KNOW-HOW  Our marketing and fulfillment experience allows you full control of EDDM’s power without hiring an expensive advertising agency. (Or working overtime to do it yourself.) Our one-stop, flat-fee service includes guidance for EDDM campaigns that generate solid results.

SIMPLIFIED MAILING PROCESS   Our experts manage every aspect of EDDM campaign preparation, paperwork, and production. When approved, they submit campaigns directly into the USPS mail stream.

With our EDDM service there are no worries about:

  • Mailing permits or paperwork

  • Mailing list purchase, rental or maintenance

  • USPS mailing size / weight requirements

PROMOTIONAL GUIDANCE  Regardless of how developed your marketing materials are, 1•2•1 MSG will help tune your mailing to maximize its impact in the mailbox.


Before you contact us to work out the details of your campaign, take a moment to familiarize yourself with our process as outlined below. Feel free to contact us at any point with questions or concerns you may have. 


Before you contact us to work out the details of your campaign, take a moment to familiarize yourself with our process as outlined below. Feel free to contact us at any point with questions or concerns you may have. 

First Steps: How Much, To Whom, When?

1) CHOOSE 1•2•1 MSG TURNKEY PACKAGE  Our services are available at three levels. Each level has a one-time setup fee (which includes custom mailer designs) and a flat postage rate based on how many pieces will be mailing.


  • 2 Mail Drops

  • 2 Custom Designs

  • $250 Setup Fee

  • $.156 / Piece Postage


  • 3 Mail Drops

  • 2 Custom Designs

  • $500 Setup Fee

  • $.156 / Piece Postage


  • 3 Mail Drops

  • 3 Custom Designs

  • $1,000 Setup Fee

  • $.156 / Piece Postage

2) TARGET NEW CUSTOMERS   Using the USPS's powerful EDDM Mapping Tool, we'll help you focus your EDDM campaign so it mails to the best prospects for your business. The mapping tool allows you to filter any zip code by age and income demographics, so you know can target the folks most likely to respond to your message.

3) SCHEDULE MAIL DELIVERY   We’ll help you plan your mail drops so they arrive “in home” when you want them to.


The driving ideas behind our EDDM Turnkey Packages are economy, simplicity and efficacy. Our goal is simple: We want our clients to get first-rate promotion performance with a minimum of hassle at a fair price. Here's the reasoning or

MULTIPLE MAIL DROPS  To be successful in today’s crowded media world, all advertising needs to be repeated. For this reason, we’ve built at least two mail drops into each package. Drops can be staggered as needed. For example, an offer might be modified with “Ends Soon!” in a second or third mailing.

CUSTOM DESIGN SERVICE  Each package’s one-time fee also includes the customization of one or more of our templated designs with your copy, logo, images, and color scheme. It is also possible to change format for different mail drops; so, for instance, Drop 1 might be a postcard and Drop 2 a flyer. (Existing artwork may also be used, if it meets our specifications.)

SETUP FEE  One-time setup fees include all services except postage.

PER PIECE POSTAGE RATE  This rate will change slightly depending on the number pieces being mailed. Pricing is determined after campaign zip code and carrier routes have been selected.


After you’ve selected your EDDM Turnkey Package, targets and delivery time frame, it’s time to begin designing your mail pieces. The process is fairly straightforward, but should questions come up, your  customer service representative will be available for consultation at any time.

Choose a mailing format

CUSTOM DESIGN SERVICE  Start by selecting a mail format from the three we offer. Each has strengths and weaknesses. Your customer service representative can help you determine which will be best for your mailing. Some pre-existing artwork may be reusable. Check with your customer service representative.

Final steps

PROOF APPROVAL  We will send a proof of your customized template with enough time for corrections to be made before the piece needs to be printed. Though we’ll make every effort to ensure that your information is correct, you should proofread it closely. Pay special attention to items like addresses and phone numbers. When you’re satisfied, send us your approval. We’ll then put the piece into production.

PRODUCTION CYCLE  Printing and preparation for the EDDM mailstream usually take about two working days. Each EDDM campaign is scheduled to be completed AHEAD of the USPS’s deadline for your “in home” delivery date. We’ll notify you when your piece has entered the mail stream.

ADDITIONAL MAIL DROPS  Depending on the EDDM Package you’ve purchased, you’ll have at least two round of creative to complete. Additional drops can be as simple as resending the original piece, but may also contain entirely fresh content. To increase impact, we recommend thinking of your EDDM Package as a single unit. Though your messaging may change slightly from drop to drop, it’s usually best to keep graphic elements consistent across mailings.

We’ll work with you to create additional creative that optimizes the intent of your campaign.

Choose a style

STYLE TEMPLATES  Next, select a template style from our library. All our templates have been constructed to work on any of our four format options, so the look will be consistent no matter what size / format mailer you choose.

Our designers update the template with your logo, copy, images, and, if applicable, color scheme, and provide you with a proof.

Don’t worry if you don’t have some or even any of these elements. Our design team will work with you to create them.



To determine your campaign’s performance, we recommend that you include at least one tracking method on your mailing. These methods include:

  • CAMPAIGN-SPECIFIC URL  Create a new page on your website and share its address with your campaign recipients.

  • QR CODE  Similar to the campaign-specific URL, a QR code will land campaign recipients on your new trackable webpage quicker.

  • COUPON / OFFER CODE  Though old-school, this method is still very effective.

Our service doesn’t offer a packaged response tracker at this time, so monitoring responses will be your task. We recommend keeping a simple tally of hits / redemptions for each drop of your campaign.

Future campaigns can be altered for better performance based on your records.


UNCOMPLICATED BILLING  We ask that EDDM Turnkey Packages be paid in full before the first mailing takes place. Payment may be made by credit card or through a corporate account set up by your customer service representative.

CAMPAIGN HISTORY / FILE STORAGE  After your EDDM Package mailings are complete, we will store your campaign history and graphic files* free of charge. This complimentary service is based on the hope that you will be pleased enough with our program to consider future campaigns.

*Graphics will be on hand for your use only. We cannot supply them to other vendors.


If you're ready discuss a project now, give us a call at 763.428.8123. Our experienced customer service representatives are available from 9am-5pm CST to guide you through setting up an EDDM campaign. Or, if you'd prefer, complete the form below, and we'll get back to you within 8 hours with everything you need to get started.

Either way, you'll be on your way to expanding your business's marketing reach!

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1•2•1 Marketing Services Group, Inc. (1•2•1 MSG) was founded in 2000 as a fulfillment house specializing in highly complex personalized fulfillment kits with plastic cards. Since then, we’ve added a wide range of capabilities to support the loyalty club and membership programs that are our core business.

Our name - 1•2•1 Marketing Services Group - was chosen to reflect our philosophy of personalized marketing to a segment of one. Likewise, our service mix is structured to allow clients to create individualized solutions for their marketing needs.

At 1•2•1 MSG, clients’ needs drive everything we do. Instead of simply pushing undifferentiated work through the shop, our staff takes personal responsibility for achieving our clients’ goals. Everyone in the production process – beginning to end, top to bottom – has a vested interest in each client’s success. Sure, our corporate culture of ownership and “can do” attitude is reinforced by our midwestern work ethic, but in the end it comes from our emphasis on the value of each person in the chain... which connects directly back to our clients.