Though customized plastic card production is one of our strengths, our in-house capabilities and longstanding industry partnerships also allow us to tackle almost any direct mail program. From program and database management to lettershop, fulfillment and mail distribution, we have the resources and experience to make even the most complicated project run efficiently – and economically.


To see how 1•2•1MSG can help with your direct mail program, explore our capabilities listings at right. And don't hesitate to contact us about the feasibility of ideas that fall outside the run of the mill. We are always open to adapting existing processes or adding new ones in service of our clients success.


We pride ourselves on taking on challenging programs the insurance company membership retention mailing shown below. This program consisted of more than 60 different personalized mailing groups and seven pieces of collateral (including a section of bubblewrap that required customized insertion formatting). Completed packages were mailed to more than 500,000 members.

Collateral Pieces including
Chrome Sticker

Personalized Mailer

GenSure Membership Retention Mailer

Personalized Envelope matched to Mailer


Custom-inserted Bubble Wrap