Our Story

121 Marketing Services Group - Office Building

1-2-1 Marketing Services Group is a marketing production agency with a wide array of in-house creative, production, e-commerce and fulfillment capabilities. We have been creating and implementing marketing solutions that help our clients achieve their goals - both lofty
and humble - for more than 28 years. LEARN MORE

How We Do Business

First, we listen... closely. Then we focus on your end goal and stay resolutely focused on it each and every day. Each facet of our business is underpinned by this single-minded concentration on what is best for our client's marketing objective.

The fact that we're often asked to function as an extension of our clients' marketing staffs is indicative of the trust our approach engenders. We like to think that our many long-term clients stay with us because we've taken the time to understand them clearly.

It is because of our "take ownership" philosophy that we have been entrusted with some of the largest, most successful loyalty and membership programs running today.

As you browse through our capabilities, you'll find we have the knowledge, technical skills and driving philosophy to make a real difference in helping your business continue to grow.

When you're ready, give us a call. We're ready to listen.

E-Commerce News

121 Personal Gifts

To take advantage of our many product personalization services, we have launched our own retail e-commerce business - 121PersonalGifts.com. Besides being a successful and growing venture, it gives us real world feedback to help gauge the performance of client e-commerce sites. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR